I love the place, I feel like am in a five star restaurant. The chair the table are classy, elegant and the service is amazing. The staff name Julie and veronica are the nicest and most welcoming.
I have order the lamb which they recommend it for me and it’s Cook in Georgian style!
They have Dj and karaoke night theme also, so will be coming back that’s for sure!

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We were here on a Saturday for the Tsar Imperial Brunch and we must first highlight that this was no ordinary weekend brunch. We had absolutely no clue what we were getting ourselves into, until we stepped in through those huge noise-cancelling doors. Couldn’t hear no noise when this door was closed. But as soon as it opened, we were exposed to a whole another world on the inside. It was a goddamn party brunch! The lights are dim, and there’s the latest party music played by the DJ very loudly. At regular intervals and for a good amount of time, a lovely lady is singing great tunes (where did she get that voice from!) while a man accompanies her on his saxophone. While Vesna is checking all boxes when it comes to the vibes and ambiance, how does it fare with the food?

As far as the concept here goes, the buffet area offers bread, cheese and salads, a tar tar bar, as well as, Oysters and King Crab legs. While the mains are brought as sharing portions to your table, the desserts take a whole separate room during brunch at Vesna. A whole room. Just for desserts. It’s best you bring along your tents and camp out here at brunch, because, why not?

Our mains comprised of Beef Medallions – cooked just the way we requested for and tasted delicious with the creamy mushroom sauce. It was the Sea bass that stole the show. Truly a flavourful dish with that amazing sauce to complement the sea bass – I was definitely craving for more. The Chicken Kiev by itself was great – crunchy and brown on the outside while soft and juicy on the inside. However, I wasn’t much a fan of the sauce it came topped with. If there was another thing I scarfed down on besides the sea bass, it was the purple rice. Loved every bite of it! It was my first time eating purple rice, and at first, you’ll find yourself hesitant (like I was) to try it because it doesn’t look very appealing but don’t be scared (I was not). I have not a clue of how they cook that saucy purple rice here, but they’re doing a great job at it!

We were so excited for dessert, however, by the time we went inside that room, most of the desserts were gone, and that was of course, very disappointing. The cotton candy station was absolutely nowhere to be seen and the desserts I had been eyeing during our tour in the beginning were gone. All that was left were some lousy cupcakes and an orange creme brûlée which was the only best thing at the time. I would rather the staff work on replenishing the dessert room promptly because there ain’t no point in flashing if you’re not stocking. Besides that, the staff are prompt to accommodate and cater to your requests, and are always wearing a smile.

The brunch experience here at Vesna is unlike any other I’ve had in Dubai and you must visit if you’d like a nightlife-like experience during the day. We almost forgot it was a Saturday afternoon and Sunday was just around the corner.

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Vesna, which translates to spring in Russian, is the hottest new contemporary Slavic restaurant in the Middle East, located in the heart of Dubai, at the Conrad Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. I came here on a Saturday for the Imperial Brunch and as soon as I stepped inside, I was in awe of the breath taking interiors and the chilled vibe and totally relaxing atmosphere. It’s as if I entered a different world, it’s very much deviating from all the other restaurants that I have been to and it’s almost like an escape from the busy life outside. …
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The opulent interiors of Vesna was akin to walking into a lavish wedding banquet, with an abundance of flowers and damask, crystal chandeliers, vintage framed mirrors and of course the DJ bringing all the guests to the floor.

Okroshka to start off our gastronomical discovery. With compliments from the chef at Vesna, we were served a traditional Russian cold soup consisting of raw vegetables and minced meat in sour cream, exquisitely presented in an ice bowl. I’ve never tried Russian cuisine prior to that night, so it was a nice shift from the ordinary.
To keep it even more appetizing were the crispy beds of rice topped with smoked salmon, a canapé that puts a crunch in every bite. Not to mention the crispy mushroom hats: deep fried portobello mushrooms drizzled with parmesan and herbs, and I was in for the finish.

Now on to the main course. There’s a reason why grandma’s cooking will always be etched in our memory, because it feels like home and made with so much love. This main course aptly named ‘Grandmother’s Chicken Fritter’ served over creamy buckwheat risotto gave us a flavor of Slavic home cooking which was a tasteful delight.

Vesna Restaurant & Lounge celebrated its first anniversary last week. Media , bloggers and special guests attended the event. Elegance and sophistication pours from the interiors of Vesna Lounge. This spacious lounge has contemporary stylish setting with comfy velvet sofas and cosy throws, interesting combination of color scheme has been done using gold, royal blue/peacock blue and camel color etc both in curtains and sofas. …
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Make your way past the well-presented yet brusque door hostesses and Vesna, which translates to “spring” in Russian, will encapsulate you with its imperial Russian flair, opulent décor & seductive entertainment. This new contemporary Slavic restaurant serves Saturday brunch with award winning Celebrity Chef (so we are told) Maksim at the helm, instantly banishing our preconception that Russian food would be bland, heavy and unpalatable. On the contrary, everything we tasted was seasoned to perfection, fresh and light. The setup is ambitious without being overbearing, giving patrons a unique glimpse into the per-revolutionary era with a selection of intriguing dishes richly steeped in Slavic history. …
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I would seriously recommend anyone and everyone to come here. Leave yourself in the capable hands of the team and walk away with a huge grin.

I’ve never had Russian cuisine.. Sooo I can’t really compare it to, BUT the food was extremely delicious and very authentic the waiting staff VERY friendly and they recommend the best dishes for you. 👍👍👍👍👍

Brilliant addition to the Dubai food scene. Had never tried Slavic cuisine before but my first experience was definitely memorable. Excellent decor and brilliant service !!

Great restaurant ! I loved it. Design, food & atmosphere was great. I recommend it.

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